To be honest. I contemplate suicide a lot. It would be so easy to stop the pain and suffering that some people cause me. Usually its heart throb.. Which i hate. There was this girl.. But she was never right for me, i wanted her to be, but she wasn’t. I did fall for her, honest to heart i did. All my friends and family said she was bad news and i shouldn’t peruse her. Silly me did and i hurt myself and her in the end. We weren’t anything really… So i do ask myself the question, if there wasn’t anything there to begin with, how did you get so hurt? Well, i’m not sure. I just know love sucks sometimes. If anyone is reading this. Please don’t do anything stupid, scars are real, be they emotional or physical. All scars need is to heal with time. Any love battle will leave you hurting, i promise, you just need to be patient and wait for the right person to ease your pain. Don’t live a life full of regret and heartache. Move forward, its the only road to recovery. 

- LP

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Anonymous said: I care about you, and it makes me tear up knowing you think otherwise. Stop being so blindsided and see whats right in front of you.

Who ever this is please inbox me? Like.. The actual you.. Not some anonymous user :/

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Funny moment in my life when no one cares about me anymore


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